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Happy Record Store Day!


Ok… excuse the shameless self promo… but I’m so effing stoked to have had the opportunity to work with this band - who I’m pretty sure have put out my favorite record of this year - on this poster. I’m gonna screen print an edition of 50 for the band’s show here in ATL and they’ll be for sale at the band’s merch table that night. Hope you enjoy!

Record Sleeves of the Month via Creative Review

It’s always great to see vinyl promotion and somehow even greater when it comes from a non-musical source. Creative Review do a roundup (almost) every month of the best new vinyl sleeves and design, chucking the occasional CD in there too.

Secret 7”

"Secret 7’’ combines music and art for a good cause. What we do is take seven tracks from seven of the best-known bands and artists around. We press each of those tracks 100 times to vinyl then get creatives from around the world to interpret artwork in their own style for of one of the 7 tracks; resulting in a one-of-a-kind sleeve for every single one. We exhibit these for a week, then on Record Store Day (April 20) you can get your hands on one, or more, for £40 apiece.

You won’t know who created the sleeve, or even which song it’s for until you have parted with your cash – the secret lies within.”

Secret 7” first started last year, drawing on the talent on known & undiscovered artists and designers to design unique sleeves for Record Store Day. Even in it’s first year it had an overwhelming response with queues round the block on RSD full of punters eager to get their hands on a vinyl. This year they’re back in collaboration with the great charity Art Against Knives and are exhibiting this weekend Downstairs at Mother London, with the charity auction falling on Record Store Day next week. 

I was lucky enough to have a design chosen for Jessie Ware’s single ‘Still Love Me’ and went down to the private view last night - a great crowd & decent DJ in a really good space. Half the night was spent trying to spot the amateurs from professionals such as Gilbert & George, but what really came across was the individuality of each sleeve and variety of styles in response to the brief. Be sure to get down tomorrow if you’re knocking about in Shoreditch, or arrive early next Saturday to grab yourself a one-off piece and a lovely vinyl.


2012 - A Good Year For Vinyl

PLAY & RECORD: My favorite 15 records of 2012


Well, Hello…

I stopped posting on this tumblr sometime in mid October and somehow the readership of this thing continues to grow. I’ve often wanted to pick back up with P&R in some fashion (definitely not the draining daily frequency I started with) but never found the energy (or time, really). I…

Reboot Record Player


Really nice music design from the man behind The Maccabees’ latest album artwork



New Found Glory - Nothing Gold Can Stay

(2nd Pressing: 500 Pressed White/Faded Gold)

(via phonoporno-deactivated20121113)

"‎Artwork of a band you don’t know or a song on the stereo that perks your ears up and makes you say, “What is THIS?” is the real world brick and mortar experience. We are the temples of musical nirvana trying not to become museums. We are a space for the living passage of music from generation to generation."

— Dave of Dave’s Records, Chicago

Blunderbuss from Jack White via Third Man Records - great album to own!

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The Record Club, Leeds

The Record Club is a club for vinyl lovers in Leeds held every last Saturday of the month, where you get together to share your favourite records over a night of drinks, snacks, and music. 

"Record Club is establishing itself as a great night out for people who like music. Events themselves are relaxed affairs. Think: friendly pub, good music, beer, and company."

A big part of the club is discovering new records and music, and similarly sharing your tastes with others. Check the website for more information or follow them on twitter here.

'Closer' -Joy Division, 1980. FACT XXV 

Bought from Relics Records Leeds, May 2012 for £7.